Kazumi and The Lost Ring

So I can actually talk about it now. Kazumi recently finished a stint as an actress/puppetmistress on the ARG sponsored by McDonald's and the International Olympic Committee for the 2008 Olympics.

Links can be found here, here and here.

She played Noriko, one of the main characters in the game. She also got to attend the Beijing Olympics to help finish the event out. Very jealous.

Sadly, they will be taking a lot of the official websites down soon... but its worth checking out while its still up.

Anyway, just wanted to mention it because (a) it was cool and (b) because Zumi, as always, kicked ass doing it.

New game review site

So a buddy of mine just started a new game review site - PlayItReviewIt.com.

Interesting concept - game reviews by gamers, as opposed to professional reviewers.

People posting a game review there in the next week have a chance to win the new Metal Gear game...